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Benefits of learning English at STAGE

• Very low textbook and material costs

• Increased Confidence to use English in real life situations

• Almost deskless, kinesthetic and natural learning environment

• Fun, Creative and fulfilling English classes

• A better understanding of how to control nerves and boost confidence

• A rich voice palette, useful for clear speaking and presentation in any language.

• An appreciation of acting, theatre and public speaking

• An appreciation of the beauty of poetry and the English Language

• Boosted confidence and tools to perform well in interviews and exams

Presentation techniques that are invaluable to ascend in business working environments.


If you have any questions about classes, new classes and events please do not hesitate to contact us through our new LINE system

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ACTIVE English speakers, not textbook whisperers.

At Eikaiwa STAGE we practice “free” conversation where students try to talk about what they want to say, not what we tell them to say.  This allows students to say what is on their mind, which in-turn exercises the ability to be a spontaneous and quick thinking English speaker.  It is also a fantastic way to bring the class together and practice team building, trust and respect between the students.

Learn English, but also THE CONFIDENCE to use it in real situations.

At STAGE we teach English.  

What use is all that English if you don’t have the confidence to use it.  At STAGE we use drama, role play and presentation to get the students used to speaking English in a spontaneous and confident manner.

Speak English with confidence and a develop a GOOD VOICE palette. 

At STAGE we use drama and singing as tools to help students develop a wide range of voice palette.  Being able to speak and present with different annunciation, volume, strength and articulation results in a strong and compelling speaker.

STAGE English School Summer Workshop Digest

Performance in EDUCATION (PIE) At STAGE

We use performance to get the students actively moving and practicing English.  

The emphasis is on using vocabulary and conversation techniques that are required and used in real world situations.  Students become able to communicate using frequent words and gain confidence and pride in their own communication abilities.  Performance also allows for monologue/ public speaking training and teamwork based English dramatics where students build characters and interact in English with each other.

STAGE Library

We carry a library of books at different levels.  

We encourage the students to choose their own book and rent it for a week (free of charge).  The focus is not on understanding the vocabulary but rather on nurturing a love for the English Language and the joy of reading.


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