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英会話ステージ Action Changes Things

Acting in English

Age Group: 6+

Length of Class: 60 minutes

Days: Contact Us.

Structure of Class:  Relaxed, fun, dramatic and physical.

This class is an activity and performance art based English Class

Class Size: Max 16 students

Fees: 8,000 yen a month (4 lessons a month)

Teacher:  Native English Speaker


Options:  Lessons can be taught at STAGE

Drama has many uses in education.

It activates learning through bodily-Kinesthetic, which uses hand, body movement, inter-personal and intra-personal activities resulting in significantly increased student engagement and enjoyment.


Kinesthetic learners have just one of many learning styles you’ll come across, but they often need a little extra help.  Kineshetic learners are usually quick to touch and try things.  They gesture when speaking, are poor listeners, stand very close when speaking or listening, and quickly lose interest in long discourse.  

Normal methods of teaching may not work in many cases but, the use of drama, hands on body movement and imagination can be key to interest many students during the learning process.  

Through learning drama in English the mind can absorb and enjoy taking in the language whilst participating in Acting and learning about stage craft.

This course is good for children of all ages and also teaches important lessons about being in a diverse group.

Each Year there will be a performance date where parents can watch an Eikaiwa STAGE theatre production.


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