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Q.Do you have the opportunity to make use of your learning presentations or see the results you have learned?

Yes. Once Corona is settled down, I would like to hold presentations and performances at small theaters.


Q.It seems difficult for the spelling of a word to match the spelling you think in pronunciation. How should I remember it?

English conversation STAGE Original word and pronunciation practice video will be completed. We plan to make it available in the lesson and at home.


Q.Please tell me the lesson status, the level of the person in question, and how parents should follow.

  1. After every lesson possible, I will talk about today's situation and what I was able to do, but I would like to increase the number of score sheets and check sheets that can be clearly understood.


Q.Will I incur enrollment fees, text fees, etc.?

There is no admission fee. I will ask you if you need the text, but we will give you materials and use video each lesson, so it is rare to purchase basically.

Our school has a system that allows you to rent English books eve week. Therefore, we collect 1,000 yen per year for library (books) system expenses.


Can we change the lesson time if we need to change plans.

We do not offer basic transfer lessons, but you can participate in lessons of the same course and level. If you know the holidays in advance, please contact us.


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