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Classic 英会話

Age Group: All ages

Length of Class: 60 minutes

Days: Please Contact Us

Structure of Class:  

Class Size: Max 6 students

Fees: 7,800 yen a month (4 lessons a month)

Teacher:  Native English Speaker


Options:  Lessons can be taught at STAGE or Online using

The Classic 英会話 is focused on table based English Language learning.  The lesson is divided up into four sections.  At Eikaiwa STAGE we allow the students to work together and help each other.  We use the STAGE and drama based activities to provide a good base for repetition without things getting boring.  This course is not so physical so would be suited for an older group.

Fluency at  eikaiwastage

The class is broken down into sections with the use of a timer.  This technique allows the momentum of the class to keep moving and preventing us from getting stuck on anyone thing.


If you have any questions about classes, new classes and events please do not hesitate to contact us through our new LINE system

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