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Student's Voice

See what our students and their parents are saying about Eikaiwa STAGE

Student's Comments

Current Students at Eikaiwa STAGE:


I came from other English conversation classes. It is a clear difference from what I was looking forward to going to the classroom, and that I came to teach english and English words I learned.


I'm looking forward to the books I can borrow every time, and I have the opportunity to experience English in my home with parents and children through books.


I started attending STAGE because I wanted to be not good at English and to convey my opinion firmly in public. In our daily life, I do not have the opportunity to touch English, and I only take lessons once a week, but I can feel the growth of my child. Most of all, children enjoy going to school every week.


We both love the lessons at STAGE, and we look forward to it every week. It seems to be very fun to have the opportunity to have a lot of conversations in English and to convey my thoughts in English. Thanks to the teacher's support, I was able to become more familiar with English than before, gain confidence, and speak actively in school classes. I am pleased to have encountered various books in the library. I look forward to the lesson from now on.


It has been less than a year since I started going to lessons once a week. With fun lessons every week, I've gained confidence by learning songs, presentations, poems, and not being ashamed of using English in public! Learn while having fun. That is English conversation STAGE!


The teacher Steve is very friendly and enthusiastic. It is very popular with children! You can see that my daughter also trusts her. Each person looks good and calls out to us. I'm looking forward to the lesson in 50 minutes, singing English songs, playing games, practicing alphabets at work, and in elementary school classes.


My 2-year-old daughter is also having fun going there because the teacher praises me. I'm saying, "I'm going to English!" I can listen to raw pronunciation, and I also study.


The teacher devises it so that it becomes a fun lesson. There are times when I don't understand, but the children are motivated because they give me confidence and praise them for their actions that they have taken even if they make mistakes. In addition, children seem to enjoy the place where they can touch English while expressing according to songs and music.


It is fun because it may be learned like a game.

It's fun to be able to speak with phrases learned between members.

If you don't understand, they'll wait for you, good

The teacher will follow you what you do not understand in Japanese, so you can understand it on the spot, so good!

I want to play more games and role plays.

Book can be borrowed good!


I've attended open lectures and one-on-one English conversation classes at universities, but I couldn't find lessons that were quite convincing. Because it is close to home, I asked you to experience English conversation STAGE. Using textbooks while sitting as before ... I was a little confused at first, learning pronunciation through songs and expressing things using my body instead of a class called "I'm always looking forward to it every time. I'm happy because the library also has my favorite picture book.


Steve senses my character and takes a tailored approach from all angles, including speaking, listening, writing, and reading. In addition, I am happy to have a flexible response such as picking up what I am interested in. In addition to just learning English, I'm learning towards my goal of active and thinking, so my motivation lasts. It motivates me with magical words.


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